Dolphins vs. Steelers: 3 Keys to Victory


The last time these 2 teams faced was in mid-October. The Dolphins were 1-4 going into the contest and the Miami fan base was ready once again to toss in the towel early. But, the Dolphins managed to pull off an upset and beat the Steelers 30-15 at Hard Rock Stadium. It was the start of something new. Jay Ajayi ran for 204 yards. It was unexpected as much as Miami’s victory. Not only would Ajayi run for 200+ yards in numerous upcoming games after that, but the Dolphins started finding ways to win ball games. When the team faced adversity instead of crumbling like the Dolphins of the past decade, the Dolphins were resilient and earned themselves a playoff spot which was yet another unexpected turn of events. Now its playoff time. Its Miami’s first playoff appearance since 2008. Can Miami pull off another victory against Pittsburgh?


1. Defensive Line

When Miami and Pittsburgh last faced off Ben Roethlisberger was intercepted twice. He was sacked 2.5 times. Big Ben also never finished the game. Ben Roethlisberger faced a brutal defensive line driven by Cameron Wake and Ndamukong Suh. Miami’s defense is looking a little different now. Roethlisberger was intercepted by both starting safeties Isa Abdul-Quddus and Reshad Jones in that game. Now, both players are out for the season and will not play this Sunday. Starting cornerback Byron Maxwell was able to hold the explosive Antonio Brown to 4 receptions with 39 yards. Maxwell will not play as well.  It’s worth noting that Miami will be playing with their depleted line-backer group that features Kiko Alonso who still is nursing a broken hand.  Miami’s defense is looking slim, but one major point of their defense still remains: the defensive line. LeVeon Bell will most definitely get his share of yards against Miami. But, if Cameron Wake, Andre Branch, and Ndamukong Suh can get after Roethlisberger just like they did in mid-October the Dolphins can upset the Steelers. They MUST disrupt Roethlisberger. With an inexperienced secondary Miami can’t afford Ben Roethlisberger to get into a rhythm. So, Miami’s hope will ride on their defensive line.


2.Jay Ajayi

Ajayi has been the focal point of Miami’s offense the whole year. The Dolphins offense flows through the J-Train. If Jay Ajayi gets slown down the Miami offense becomes 1 dimensional and predictable. The Dolphins must set the tone of this game. Since Miami is looking slim on the defensive end of the ball when they have possession of the football they need to use up as much time as possible. Miami needs to keep Big Ben, LeVeon Bell, and Antonio Brown off the field as long as possible. Miami’s defense most likely will struggle with the trio because of their inexperience. But if Miami can get Ajayi going early and keep feeding him the ball the Dolphins will control the clock and keep the explosive Steeler’s offense off the field. Jay Ajayi doesn’t need to have another 204-yard game, but if he can manage at least 100 yards Miami’s offense will flow nicely and will allow some big plays from Kenny Stills, Jarvis Landry, and DeVante Parker.


3. Coaching

Adam Gase is wrapping up his first year as a head coach in the NFL and it has been quite remarkable. He’s changed a losing Dolphins culture that has been prevalent for over a decade into a promising future of hope. That is not easy to do. Gase has done it in 1 season. Stephen Ross finally made the right decision on the coaching end. Even though it’s his first year as a head coach he still has playoff experience. Let’s not forget when Gase was Tim Tebow’s QB coach in Denver and had successfully coached Tebow to a playoff win over the Steelers. Adam Gase is special coach. He is just what Miami needed. Mike Tomlin has much more head coaching experience and much more playoff experience. But in terms of football I.Q. I personally believe Gase has the potential to out-coach Mike Tomlin this Sunday.

It’s been a wonderful season. The Miami Dolphins fooled many. They have been resilient. They have overcome injuries. They’ve overcome a decade of mediocrity and have given hope to a thirsty franchise. Adam Gase deserves a lot of credit. If the Dolphins do not win it will be disappointing, but it will be a different kind of disappointment that were not used to feeling. In the past, disappointment to the Dolphins existed because they were used to losing and not competing. It seems the tide has turned. The Miami Dolphins have been competitive all year. When their starting Pro Bowl safety Reshad Jones suffered a season ending injury Isa Abdul- Quddus and Michael Thomas stepped up. When QB Ryan Tannehill went down they rallied around Matt Moore and won the next 2 games that secured them their first playoff game in 8 years. Win or lose the Dolphins had a successful season. The Dolphins have a young team and win or lose this playoff experience is just what they need.


Dolphins vs. Patriots 3 Keys to Victory


It’s finally the last game of the regular the season. And what a better way to end with a win against long-time rivals the New England Patriots. Even though both teams have clinched a playoff berth they are both playing for something. With a Dolphins win they would face the Houston Texans rather than the Pittsburgh Steelers which would be a much more favorable matchup for Miami. With a Patriots win they would secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Last year, the Patriots lost in Miami in the season finale. This came back to haunt New England as they would lose home field advantage and had to play the Broncos in Denver. Denver took advantage of their home field and were catapulted into the Super Bowl as New England were sent home empty handed. How can Miami stop the red-hot Tom Brady and New England Patriots?


1. Get After Tom Brady

The Miami Dolphins arguably have the best QB rushing attacks in the NFL thanks to Ndamukong Suh and Cameron Wake. Let’s not forget Andre Branch who has done an exceptional job of complimenting Miami’s defensive line. They have haunted many QB’s this season. Some were escorted to the locker room injured while others would need a breather or 2 on the sidelines. Tom Brady continues to impress at age 39. Since Tom Brady’s return after his 4-game suspension he has led the Patriots to 9 wins and only 1 loss. He’s thrown for 25 TD’s and only 2 interceptions. The Dolphins defense who is missing 9 starters certainly has their work cut out for them. We already know the Dolphins have struggled with defending the run and covering tight-ends. And the word “struggled” is an understatement. Last week, the Bills used their tight-end Charles Clay and running back LeSean McCoy generously and really gave Miami a headache on defense. But the Dolphins still pulled off an impressive win. If the Dolphins want a repeat of that Suh, Wake, and Branch will have to find a way to get after Tom Brady and hit him hard. They must do this early and get into his head. If they fail to reach him in time expect Brady to quickly pass to his RB’s or TE. If the Dolphins up front attack can get after Brady this will set the tone for the game.


2. Matt Moore Must Improve

Matt Moore has done a solid job of stepping in for Ryan Tannehill the past two games. He is 2-0 as a starter. His QB rating is 113.4 (516 yards, 6 TDs, 2 INTs). Last game against Buffalo Moore made some terrible throws. Luckily, Miami’s talented receivers had 100+ yards after the catch last week. We didn’t see the fire in Matt Moore against the Bills that we saw against the New York Jets. Matt Moore must make better throws and smarter decisions with the football. We know that Jay Ajayi will come to play. But, to beat this New England team Matt Moore must come to play as well.


3. Home Field Advantage

Playing in front of your home crowd in a playoff-like game is an amazing feeling. The past two seasons Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross has spent around $500 million dollars to renovate the once called “Joe Robbie Stadium” into the state-of-the-art “Hard Rock Stadium”. Not only does the stadium have 300 level patio bars and 4 giant 1,472-inch screens the Dolphins now play under a giant open air canopy that shades 92% of fans. And let’s not forget the roof also protects the Dolphins bench in the shade as the away team has the pleasure of roasting in the Miami sun. Players and fans have noticed the stadium is much louder than ever before due to the new culture change in Miami and canopy that holds in the noise. Miami fans need to make this Sunday’s atmosphere loud. Especially when Tom Brady and the Patriots have the ball. With the loud noise comes miscommunications on both offense and defense. Anything against this Patriots team will help the Dolphins. Time to raise the roof!


The Dolphins really need this win. The question is who wants it more? Tom Brady learned that last year’s season finale most likely cost the Patriots a trip to the Super Bowl. Expect Brady and company to go full throttle this time. Miami always plays New England hard at home. If Miami can pull the upset they will not only have a better playoff outlook, but they will be sending a message to the Patriots that their division is no longer a cake walk.


Why It’s OK If the Dolphins Don’t Make the Playoffs


We’re 11 games into the season already. The Dolphins are 7-4 and have won 6 straight. Who would’ve thought that would happen after dropping to 1-3 at the beginning of the season? Well, it’s happening before our very eyes. Miami is also the 6th seed for the AFC Wild Card.

If you aren’t a believer in the Miami Dolphins I would start to. Whether or not the Dolphins make the playoffs this year is irrelevant. Don’t get me wrong. Playoffs would be great mostly due to the fact we haven’t made a playoff appearance since 2008. I would love to see rookie coach Adam Gase gain playoff experience under his belt. And this young Dolphins team would have much to gain as well.

Sometimes in professional sports you need luck on your side. Your organization needs to be in the right place at the right time. Just ask the New England Patriots in reference to drafting Tom Brady in the 6th round. The past 2 decades Miami hasn’t seen much luck at all. Playing in the same division as the legendary tandem of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick has made things nearly impossible for this team.

However, things are starting to look up. Tom Brady is 40 years old. He will have to walk away eventually.  Buffalo has been extremely inconsistent over the past few seasons. They look as though they will challenge New England for the division and they fall flat. If Buffalo fails to make the playoffs this year Rex Ryan could lose his job. As for the New York Jets-well, they’re the New York Jets.   


Coming into this season Dolphins fans were uncertain what to expect. Was hiring a rookie head coach the right move after 4 previous Dolphins coaches failed who happened to be rookie head coaches as well? Is Ryan Tannehill an elite QB that can raise his team on his shoulders and lead them to a win in the 4th quarter? These were the biggest questions marks heading into the season.

I feel these questions have already been answered already. In the past 6 games Ryan Tannehill has only thrown 1 interception. Was it because of the unicorns? I believe partly that it was because of their protection. Tannehill has played solid football the past 6 games. Most importantly the past 2 games he’s played without the help of Pouncey, Albert, and Tunsil. What was the result? He led an unthinkable comeback in L.A. in the last 5 minutes. It doesn’t matter who you play against. Doing that in the NFL today on the road is not an easy task. The last game Ryan Tannehill had arguably his best game of the season (285 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT). Not only is Ryan protecting the football, but he’s making throws were not used to him making. His 47-yard TD pass to Kenny Stills shows that. And the throws that he made to Devante Parker were eye candy even though some ended up being incomplete by a nose hair. Ryan Tannehill has come into his own. He’s using his athletic ability as well to keep defenses off balance. Most importantly he’s shown confidence that he’s lacked in the past.


It was not easy to swallow that Adam Gase had never been a head coach before in the NFL and the Dolphins had just named him the new head coach. Mike Shanahan would be a safe pick. He knew how to improve QB play and was a veteran head coach. With Miami’s history of hiring rookie coaches and failing miserably to produce wins Shanahan was a no brainer. Shanahan was not selected.

Adam Gase has made some questionable calls during games. Gase still has some growing to do, but he’s made major strides since the beginning of the season. Most importantly, Gase has changed the culture in Miami. We saw it with Dan Campbell briefly, but it was a fluke. With Gase it’s for real. Gase does something that past coaches never did and that’s holding players accountable for mistakes. He also holds himself accountable. The players believe in him. If you have the locker room on your side it makes things a whole lot easier in the NFL. Gase was brought here specifically to improve Ryan Tannehill. It was clear Tannehill regressed last season. Gase is known as a “QB whisperer”. The past 6 games should be an indication that Tannehill’s game has elevated tremendously partly because of Adam Gase’s direction.


With the playoff hunt heating up in the AFC prepare yourselves for a bumpy ride. Miami flies up the East Coast to play Baltimore who are in the playoff hunt as well. It is uncertain how many games Miami must win these last few weeks to secure a playoff spot. Every game will matter. With the recent sidelining of New England’s Rob Gronkoswki the Dolphins have a chance to make some noise if they make the playoffs.

However, if the Dolphins are unable to enter the playoffs this year don’t be dismayed.  The Dolphins have found their coach. They found their QB. The culture has changed in Miami. The Miami Dolphins’ organization which has been the laughing stock of the NFL the past decade (besides the Cleveland Browns) are finally headed in a direction to get excited about.



Dolphins Win with Dramatic Finish


When it rains it pours and today was the day where the Dolphins would find out just how important their offensive line was.  They most certainly did.  The football gods were raining down on the Dolphins parade today.  Literally.  As the rain poured down in Los Angeles the Miami Dolphins were without 2 starting offensive lineman: Mike Pouncey and Brandon Albert. Leremy Tunsil left the game as well. 

Miami came out of the gates completely flat offensively.  Jay Ajayi was stopped in his tracks besides a 36 yard run he had in the first half.  Ryan Tannehill couldn’t get into a rhythm as the Rams’ defensive front was hounding him all day. He threw his first interception today after 4 games of not throwing 1. Told ya.

On the other side of the ball their defense held the Rams to 7 points for the first half.  The defense held LA to only 10 points the whole game.  But the dominant defense of the Dolphins seemed like it was wasted because the Dolphins’ offense was silent for the first 3 quarters.

With Miami’s 2 offensive lineman out going into today’s game Gase needed to conjure a plan that was much different than the ground and pound game plan we’ve come to love the past 4 games. In Miami’s first drive they didn’t run at all.  After, they resorted back to the run game.  The offensive line was unable to open up holes for Ajayi.

Adam Gase is a rookie head coach and he was going to be a key factor as to how this game would play out.  Gase made a lot of questionable calls.  It was 2nd and 19 and Gase called a screen pass?  The LA defense wasn’t fooled and Miami was pushed back 2 yards.  What was the next play call?  Another screen pass. 

Kiko Alonso was able to force and recover a fumble on LA’s 40 yard line in the second quarter.  Instead of trying to play it safe and muster some points Gase called for a bomb to the end zone to Devante Parker.  It was intercepted. This was Adam Gase’s worst game this season in terms of game preparation and game plan.  I do believe Adam Gase has what it takes to be special.  Unfortunately, as a rookie head coach he must learn on the job. This will be a game that Gase will learn from.

Miami once again committed way too many penalties.  Penalties are a reflection on discipline.  Adam Gase needs to find a way on how to address this reoccurring issue.    

But as one of the commentators said, Hollywood was not far from the stadium.  And Miami had 1 hell of a dramatic finish.  Ryan Tannehill lead a late drive in the fourth quarter to make it a 3 point ball game.  When Jarvis Landry was silent Devante Parker came out of nowhere and assisted Ryan Tannehill during their game winning drive to put them ahead for good.  Parker has been non-existent all season and Parker came up big in crunch time.  Parker ended the game with 79 yards and 1 TD.  This is exactly what Miami needed.  Jay Ajayi had a quieter performance but more than respectable with 77 rushing yards (4.8 yards per carry).

Miami once again found a way to win. It wasn’t pretty. This victory was made possible by Miami’s defense. When Miami’s offense couldn’t score the defense didn’t quit and kept Miami within distance.  Miami’s offense was able to come alive late in the game thanks to Ryan Tannehill and Devante Parker. 

Miami has won 5 straight.  With their offensive line depleted a tough road ahead awaits Miami, but lets take some time to enjoy this win. The momentum builds as Miami wins their 5th straight.

3 Keys to Victory: Dolphins vs Rams


The Dolphins are coming off a great win after traveling to Sand Diego.  They now face the LA Rams.  Miami is 5-4, still in the playoff hunt, and have won 4 straight. Here are the 3 keys to victory against the LA Rams.

1.Anthony Steen/Kraig Urbik :

The unicorns are down! It was nice while it lasted.  With Brandon Albert, Mike Pouncey, and Ju’Waun James starting for the offensive line Miami won 4 straight.  Brandon Albert will miss this Sunday’s game and possibly Mike Pouncey.  Mike Pouncey is still having hip issues. It will be a game time decision.  I would not count on him playing. Taking over for Pouncey will be Anthony Steen. Kraig Urbik will take Leremy Tunsil’s position at left guard.

I guess the only positive that comes out of this is that Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner are no longer with the football team. They were released following their dreadful performance against the Titans.  Steen and Urbik must come up big for Miami.  They will be the deciding factor whether or not Miami wins this game.  The offensive line the past 4 games has set the tone of Miami’s offense.  Jay Ajayi was able to find holes to run and Ryan Tannehill had time to throw. Ryan hasn’t thrown an interception in 4 games.  This could be the game where he throws his first 1 in a while.  LA has a very good defensive line. They know that Tannehill struggles when pressured.  Expect the Rams to attack Miami’s depleted offensive line.


2.Adam Gase

As stated in one of my earlier posts game plans change on a week to week basis in the NFL.  Adjustments must be made because of factors such as injuries and playing a different team each week.  Gase is now faced with a dilemma.  Mike Pouncey and Brandon Albert will be sidelined.  This offense has banked on the offensive line the past 4 weeks.  Ajayi has reached new heights and the passing game has come to life.  Adam Gase can’t come out of the gates with the same ground and pound game plan we’ve seen the past few weeks.  Ryan Tannehill needs to be prepared to be on the run for a majority of the game and if he wants to throw he must get the ball out of his hands very quickly.  It’s games like these that make NFL head coaches.


3.Defensive Line

The Dolphins’ defensive line has been looking dominant as of late.  Cameron Wake seems back to form and everyone seems to be doing their part to give Ndamukong Suh help.  Jared Goff the number 1 pick will get his first career NFL start this Sunday.  The Rams’ offensive line has been struggling.  Miami’s defensive line needs to pressure Goff and get after him as much as possible.  May the NFL gods look after Jared Goff this Sunday as he faces off against the hungry Cameron Wake and menacing Ndamukong Suh.

Even though Miami is facing the LA Rams I would not underestimate them by any means.  Our offensive line has been money for this football team, but with key starters out we will see just how important they are to this football team.

How Adam Gase Has Tapped Into Dolphins’ Talent


When the Dolphins signed head coach Adam Gase this past summer there seemed to be a lot of confusion throughout the fan base. They just had gotten done licking their wounds after a disastrous season where nearly the whole entire coaching staff was fired by mid-season and the players had to improvise during the remainder of the season. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out well. But Miami had to move on from the Joe Philbin era and find their next captain to steer the ship. Surprisingly that next man would be Adam Gase. He had never been a head coach in the NFL.


The restless Dolphin fan base were left scratching their heads. They hadn’t been in the playoffs since 2008. They felt like canned tuna and they wanted change. And they wanted it fast. 

The Dolphins seemed they had already been down this road before.  Nick Saban, Cam Cameron, Tony Sparano, and Joe Philbin were all rookie head coaches.  Only Tony Sparano was able to produce a trip to the playoffs, but it was short lived with a quick first round exit back in 2008.  In the end, they all failed and were replaced.


So how could Adam Gase turn around this once storied franchise? He had only been a QB coach and offensive coordinator for a few NFL teams and during his college years he interned under Nick Saban which is a name that most Dolphin fans cringe at. On top of that the Dolphins roster looked depleted of talent and didn’t look very salvageable.  Ryan Tannehill had regressed. The offensive line had allowed him to become the most sacked QB over 4 seasons.  The defense which had a lot of money invested into was one of the worst in the NFL at stopping the run.  The only postive of hiring Gase was the fact that he was known as a “QB whisperer”.  He got the most production out of the short-lived start Tim Tebow and mediocre Jay Cutler.  Peyton Manning had his best season under coach Gase.

Miami is now 5-4 and in playoff contention.  They have won 4 straight games.  The defense held the high-octane offense of the Pittsburgh Steelers to only 15 points.  It’s notable to say Miami put up twice the amount of points that the Steelers put up that day.  They had pulled off a stunning come from behind win against a physical team in the Buffalo Bills who had always been a tough team for Ryan Tannehill to defeat.  The Dolphins defense ripped through the Jets weak offensive line and made it a tough day for Ryan Fitzpatrick.  And then we have the impressive road win against the San Diego Chargers.  Ryan Tannehill led the Dolphins to a late victory with a QB rating of 130. 

So how did Gase awaken this team?  Gase has done something the past few coaches never did and that is hold players accountable.  Besides Gase’s reserved personality like Joe Philbin, Adam Gase will not sugar coat anything when players are not playing as expected.  This was evident when Jay Ajayi was left home on Miami’s first game of the season against the Seattle Seahawks.  This raised many eyebrows not only in the locker room but amongst the fan base.  Ajayi was upset he wasn’t awarded the starting RB role and he made it vocal how he felt.  Gase left him in Miami.  Since then the man that took his starting position has retired (Arian Foster) and Jay Ajayi has awoken.  He’s had two back to back 200 yard games and remains a focal point of Miami’s dynamic offense.  It was known that Gase called out 2nd year WR Devante Parker and criticized him for poor conditioning.  Mario Williams and Byron Maxwell were benched at 1 point as well.

Gase has shown confidence in Ryan Tannehill since day one of training camp even though the fan base seemed to be lackluster towards their starting QB after 4 mediocre seasons.  Under Philbin, like many players Ryan Tannehill was a chained dog.  He was not encouraged to use his athletic abilities which was an attribute to Tannehill’s game.  He was not able to audible or throw down field.  Gase has given Ryan Tannehill the freedom he needs and deserves.  He’s been given the freedom to audible and throw down field.  And he’s been encouraged to run with the football more. He has not thrown an interception in 4 games.  Tannehill is showing much improved pocket presence thanks to the big three who have managed to stay healthy (Offensive lineman: Brandon Albert, Mike Pouncey, and Ja’Wuan James).  Most importantly Tannehill is showing confidence.


Landry continues to be a threat, but not the only WR that happened to catch the football which seemed to be a recurring part of Miami’s one-dimensional passing game.  Kenny Stills has emerged as another threat for secondary’s. And Devante Parker put on a show this past Sunday who has been silent the whole season. 

It’s notable to say Gase made the decision of releasing offensive linemen Billy Turner and Dallas Thomas following a horrific showing during the loss to the Titans.  In came the unicorns and it was history.  We also can’t forget the decision to insert Cameron Wake and Andre Branch into the starting lineup for the defensive line.  This has helped DT Ndamukong Suh tremendously and has taken pressure off the secondary which remains suspect after Phillip Rivers picked apart for the first 3 quarters of Sundays game.  


It’s time to give credit where credit is due.  Adam Gase has done a phenomenal job so far at getting the most out this Dolphins roster.  He has learned from his mistakes.  At the beginning of the season he was using numerous running backs and abandoning the run too early.  Now the running game is a staple of Miami’s offense and has given it new life.  He has settled on 1 RB in Jay Ajayi.  The running game has opened up Miami’s passing game and Jarvis Landry is not the only WR who seems to be getting the football.  Gase’s new found plan has taken pressure off of QB Ryan Tannehill.  And finally, the defense is able to have time to rest.  Before the defense was playing more snaps than the offense because Miami was relying heavily on the passing game. When it came time for the defense to come up big late in games they were unable to simply because they were too gassed. At the beginning of the season Miami was not running the ball which allowed other teams to control the clock.  Miami seems to control the clock almost every game now. 


Adam Gase has showed toughness for the first half of the season.  It didn’t start off well by any means, but Gase was resilient. Now, Gase has the Dolphins playing old school football now which is a formula that not only wins regular season games, but playoff games as well.  Go ahead. Sue me. I said the “P” word.





Dolphins Win 31-24


The Dolphin’s defensive line was key if the Dolphins were going to escape San Diego with a win.  Miami’s defense forced 4 interceptions.  As stated earlier, the defensive line would have to disrupt Rivers and Gordon and they did just that. The most memorable defensive play obviously was Kiko Alonso’s 60 yard interception that was returned for a TD.  This gave Miami the lead for good. 

It was a tale of two halves for Miami.  Their offense was flat out of the gates. Ajayi was getting the carries, but nothing seemed to translate.  It was clear Ryan Tannehill would have to make things happen.  Tannehill ended the game by going 17-24, 240 yards, and 2 TD’s. Tannehill never turned the ball over and had a QB rating of 130. And no that’s not a typo. Devante Parker finally stepped up with 5 receptions for 103 yards. 

Miami committed 11 penalties which cost them 81 yards total. This can be a major problem for Miami if they make it to the playoffs.  In the playoffs you cannot afford to give up mindless penalties because the good teams will capitalize on them. The Dolphins shot themselves in the foot many times today and continued to give Rivers an opportunity to end the game.  With 4:04 left in the 4th, Rivers threw the ball over the top to Tyrell Williams for a 51 yard TD.  This put them ahead by a FG. 

Tannehill answered back and drove Miami to the red zone with a 56 yard pass to Devante Parker.  Sand Diego held the Dolphins to a FG.  The defense had come up big for Miami all day.  It needed one more big stop and Kiko Alonso delivered a pick 6 which won the game for Miami. 

Ajayi had a respectable game with 19 carries for 79 yards. It wasn’t a dominant performance by any means, but Miami didn’t need that from Ajayi. Once again Miami found a way to win. Last season Miami wouldn’t have won this football game. Ryan Tannehill is making much smarter throws.  He hasn’t thrown an interception in 4 games.

The Dolphins haven’t just demonstrated physical toughness, but mental toughness as well.  When they trail in games they refuse to go quietly and they answer back whether it be through the defense, offense, or special teams.  All aspects of the Dolphins football team seem to be coming alive and most importantly staying alive.   

Devante Parker has been silent all season and stepped up for Miami today.  Stills made a beautiful catch for a 39 yard score.  With a receiving core of Landry, Stills, and Parker alongside a powerful RB in Jay Ajayi the Dolphins are molding into a dynamic offense.

If Coach Gase can figure out how to end these bonehead penalties the Dolphins have the potential to be a scary football team.

But it’s time to say the Dolphins are for real.