3 Keys to Victory: Dolphins vs. Chargers


After a 3 game home stretch Miami is back on the road. They face the San Diego Chargers.  Miami has won 3 straight and are 2nd in the AFC East.  Here’s what must happen if they want to continue their run.


1. Run the Ball

It’s simple. Hand the ball off to Jay Ajayi and let the Dolphins’ offensive line do the rest. By running the ball the Dolphins will control the clock and they will limit Melvin Gordons’ snaps who happens to be the best running back in the NFL right now.    


2. Get After Rivers

The Dolphins’ defensive line is facing the NFL’s 6th worst offensive line. Ndamukong Suh and Cameron Wake lead a dominant attack last week against the NY Jets while Ryan Fitzpatrick spent most of the game on the turf.  Fitzpatrick was manhandled.  The Dolphins must take advantage of the Chargers’ week offensive line.  Phillip Rivers continues to have a dominant season alongside RB Melvin Gordon. They must put pressure on Rivers and not allow Gordon to get hot.


3. Kick the FG

It is not easy to win in the NFL today period! And it’s even harder on the road.  If the Dolphins are in FG range and it happens to be 4th and inches the Dolphins must kick the FG.  When you’re on the road you take all the points you can get.  Coach Gase made that mistake in Seattle the first game of the season against Seattle.  Instead of kicking a FG they went for it on 4th down.  They lost by 2 points. 

Today is another big test for the Dolphins.  They’re on the road and their run defense that has struggled at times will be tested against the NFL’s best runner Melvin Gordon.  Their secondary will be tested as well as they face Phillip Rivers who has a QB rating of 96.2.


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