Dolphins Win 31-24


The Dolphin’s defensive line was key if the Dolphins were going to escape San Diego with a win.  Miami’s defense forced 4 interceptions.  As stated earlier, the defensive line would have to disrupt Rivers and Gordon and they did just that. The most memorable defensive play obviously was Kiko Alonso’s 60 yard interception that was returned for a TD.  This gave Miami the lead for good. 

It was a tale of two halves for Miami.  Their offense was flat out of the gates. Ajayi was getting the carries, but nothing seemed to translate.  It was clear Ryan Tannehill would have to make things happen.  Tannehill ended the game by going 17-24, 240 yards, and 2 TD’s. Tannehill never turned the ball over and had a QB rating of 130. And no that’s not a typo. Devante Parker finally stepped up with 5 receptions for 103 yards. 

Miami committed 11 penalties which cost them 81 yards total. This can be a major problem for Miami if they make it to the playoffs.  In the playoffs you cannot afford to give up mindless penalties because the good teams will capitalize on them. The Dolphins shot themselves in the foot many times today and continued to give Rivers an opportunity to end the game.  With 4:04 left in the 4th, Rivers threw the ball over the top to Tyrell Williams for a 51 yard TD.  This put them ahead by a FG. 

Tannehill answered back and drove Miami to the red zone with a 56 yard pass to Devante Parker.  Sand Diego held the Dolphins to a FG.  The defense had come up big for Miami all day.  It needed one more big stop and Kiko Alonso delivered a pick 6 which won the game for Miami. 

Ajayi had a respectable game with 19 carries for 79 yards. It wasn’t a dominant performance by any means, but Miami didn’t need that from Ajayi. Once again Miami found a way to win. Last season Miami wouldn’t have won this football game. Ryan Tannehill is making much smarter throws.  He hasn’t thrown an interception in 4 games.

The Dolphins haven’t just demonstrated physical toughness, but mental toughness as well.  When they trail in games they refuse to go quietly and they answer back whether it be through the defense, offense, or special teams.  All aspects of the Dolphins football team seem to be coming alive and most importantly staying alive.   

Devante Parker has been silent all season and stepped up for Miami today.  Stills made a beautiful catch for a 39 yard score.  With a receiving core of Landry, Stills, and Parker alongside a powerful RB in Jay Ajayi the Dolphins are molding into a dynamic offense.

If Coach Gase can figure out how to end these bonehead penalties the Dolphins have the potential to be a scary football team.

But it’s time to say the Dolphins are for real.   


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