3 Keys to Victory: Dolphins vs Rams


The Dolphins are coming off a great win after traveling to Sand Diego.  They now face the LA Rams.  Miami is 5-4, still in the playoff hunt, and have won 4 straight. Here are the 3 keys to victory against the LA Rams.

1.Anthony Steen/Kraig Urbik :

The unicorns are down! It was nice while it lasted.  With Brandon Albert, Mike Pouncey, and Ju’Waun James starting for the offensive line Miami won 4 straight.  Brandon Albert will miss this Sunday’s game and possibly Mike Pouncey.  Mike Pouncey is still having hip issues. It will be a game time decision.  I would not count on him playing. Taking over for Pouncey will be Anthony Steen. Kraig Urbik will take Leremy Tunsil’s position at left guard.

I guess the only positive that comes out of this is that Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner are no longer with the football team. They were released following their dreadful performance against the Titans.  Steen and Urbik must come up big for Miami.  They will be the deciding factor whether or not Miami wins this game.  The offensive line the past 4 games has set the tone of Miami’s offense.  Jay Ajayi was able to find holes to run and Ryan Tannehill had time to throw. Ryan hasn’t thrown an interception in 4 games.  This could be the game where he throws his first 1 in a while.  LA has a very good defensive line. They know that Tannehill struggles when pressured.  Expect the Rams to attack Miami’s depleted offensive line.


2.Adam Gase

As stated in one of my earlier posts game plans change on a week to week basis in the NFL.  Adjustments must be made because of factors such as injuries and playing a different team each week.  Gase is now faced with a dilemma.  Mike Pouncey and Brandon Albert will be sidelined.  This offense has banked on the offensive line the past 4 weeks.  Ajayi has reached new heights and the passing game has come to life.  Adam Gase can’t come out of the gates with the same ground and pound game plan we’ve seen the past few weeks.  Ryan Tannehill needs to be prepared to be on the run for a majority of the game and if he wants to throw he must get the ball out of his hands very quickly.  It’s games like these that make NFL head coaches.


3.Defensive Line

The Dolphins’ defensive line has been looking dominant as of late.  Cameron Wake seems back to form and everyone seems to be doing their part to give Ndamukong Suh help.  Jared Goff the number 1 pick will get his first career NFL start this Sunday.  The Rams’ offensive line has been struggling.  Miami’s defensive line needs to pressure Goff and get after him as much as possible.  May the NFL gods look after Jared Goff this Sunday as he faces off against the hungry Cameron Wake and menacing Ndamukong Suh.

Even though Miami is facing the LA Rams I would not underestimate them by any means.  Our offensive line has been money for this football team, but with key starters out we will see just how important they are to this football team.


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