Dolphins Win with Dramatic Finish


When it rains it pours and today was the day where the Dolphins would find out just how important their offensive line was.  They most certainly did.  The football gods were raining down on the Dolphins parade today.  Literally.  As the rain poured down in Los Angeles the Miami Dolphins were without 2 starting offensive lineman: Mike Pouncey and Brandon Albert. Leremy Tunsil left the game as well. 

Miami came out of the gates completely flat offensively.  Jay Ajayi was stopped in his tracks besides a 36 yard run he had in the first half.  Ryan Tannehill couldn’t get into a rhythm as the Rams’ defensive front was hounding him all day. He threw his first interception today after 4 games of not throwing 1. Told ya.

On the other side of the ball their defense held the Rams to 7 points for the first half.  The defense held LA to only 10 points the whole game.  But the dominant defense of the Dolphins seemed like it was wasted because the Dolphins’ offense was silent for the first 3 quarters.

With Miami’s 2 offensive lineman out going into today’s game Gase needed to conjure a plan that was much different than the ground and pound game plan we’ve come to love the past 4 games. In Miami’s first drive they didn’t run at all.  After, they resorted back to the run game.  The offensive line was unable to open up holes for Ajayi.

Adam Gase is a rookie head coach and he was going to be a key factor as to how this game would play out.  Gase made a lot of questionable calls.  It was 2nd and 19 and Gase called a screen pass?  The LA defense wasn’t fooled and Miami was pushed back 2 yards.  What was the next play call?  Another screen pass. 

Kiko Alonso was able to force and recover a fumble on LA’s 40 yard line in the second quarter.  Instead of trying to play it safe and muster some points Gase called for a bomb to the end zone to Devante Parker.  It was intercepted. This was Adam Gase’s worst game this season in terms of game preparation and game plan.  I do believe Adam Gase has what it takes to be special.  Unfortunately, as a rookie head coach he must learn on the job. This will be a game that Gase will learn from.

Miami once again committed way too many penalties.  Penalties are a reflection on discipline.  Adam Gase needs to find a way on how to address this reoccurring issue.    

But as one of the commentators said, Hollywood was not far from the stadium.  And Miami had 1 hell of a dramatic finish.  Ryan Tannehill lead a late drive in the fourth quarter to make it a 3 point ball game.  When Jarvis Landry was silent Devante Parker came out of nowhere and assisted Ryan Tannehill during their game winning drive to put them ahead for good.  Parker has been non-existent all season and Parker came up big in crunch time.  Parker ended the game with 79 yards and 1 TD.  This is exactly what Miami needed.  Jay Ajayi had a quieter performance but more than respectable with 77 rushing yards (4.8 yards per carry).

Miami once again found a way to win. It wasn’t pretty. This victory was made possible by Miami’s defense. When Miami’s offense couldn’t score the defense didn’t quit and kept Miami within distance.  Miami’s offense was able to come alive late in the game thanks to Ryan Tannehill and Devante Parker. 

Miami has won 5 straight.  With their offensive line depleted a tough road ahead awaits Miami, but lets take some time to enjoy this win. The momentum builds as Miami wins their 5th straight.


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